Stigler, Oklahoma

I began my large-animal veterinary practice in southeast Oklahoma in 1995. My practice places an emphasis on cow-calf producers, and assisting them in decision making. Additionally, along with my brother, Chris, and dad, Fred, Fenton Farms was formed. Fenton Farms is an elite cow/calf operation in Stigler, Okla.

I got to know Willy a couple of years ago as a seedstock producer, supplying bulls to customers in this part of the country. has been able to please our clients and producers in southeast Oklahoma, in terms of quality and quantity.

They have also purchased our weaned calves and have taken them to the next level. They put those calves in a position to not only satisfy the producer, but also to compliment the cattle we send to them. They’ve been fair in purchasing our weaned calves, carrying them to breeding age.

The management of places their goals and objectives on the customer. They provide professional services before, during and after the sale of the animal. At the end of the day, they’re doing what we’re trying to do: provide a product that can excel in performance and efficiency, either from a maternal or production standpoint. has been good at meeting the needs of a diversified group of producers, with different goals and objectives.

If you polled the producers who purchase animals from , I don’t think you’d find one that would tell you

that doesn’t back up their animals 100 percent.

To sum it up: the honesty, integrity and professionalism that displays is incredible. A lot of people

say they back their cattle up, but the management of absolutely does.